i learned about nominalisation today...
it means to make most of the verb in your sentences into noun.

E.g. She break up with her boy friend because of his smelly feet.
change to---> Her break ups caused by her boy friend's smelly feet

"this is how you make you essays academic" my teacher said.
this is the reason why my essays are always like 12/20...><
its very hard to change the way of writing but i will try...

this boy's book seems like very boring..nothing interesting..Yawn...
before i go to bed, im not very happy with my mid term results...should've be better.
night fellow readers... if there is one..^^

God Bless!!
Happy birthday to myself!! (like 3 weeks ago..><)
the reason i entitled this "Happy Birthday" is because i promise myself to start blogging after my birthday...but.....Yea.... you know what happened..the "L" word.
anyway........a few days before my birthday, something came into my mind. Reasons why I celebrate my birthday. So...what's so special about birthday??
some people would say : "because it's the day i was born" or "because everyone celebrate birthday!"
or maybe "because i will have presents." hahaha...
for me... celebrating birthday is like celebrating New Year? the 31st of December where the clock strikes 12....
people get a partner and kiss them (American style) Fireworks (Australia style) Snowy spray on cars on the streets (Malysian style).....bla bla bla...
its actually a starting of another journey the next stage of my one year older Life..
i made some resolution and i AM trying to fulfil them. the List are:
- finish the Bible.
- Get good results in all of my studies
- be better in my drumming
- Go into University
- Get fit!!
- Serve God more!!

YEAH!! i can do it!! Jangan Kuatir, Percaya saja. (from today's sermon)

there's something interesting about today.
we got a speaker came from KOREA but is preaching in Indonesian!! it's even better than my indonesia..>< LUAR  BIASA!!

Penning off!! night..GBU
Hi everyone.. LONG TIME since the last time I blog.
Today I got a very interesting things to tell you.
It happens VERY LONG TIME ago in Africa...
where the Africans catch monkeys.

They will find a large big log, and they make a hole.
A hole that is just right enough for the monkey's hand to put it in.
Inside the hole, they put monkey's favourite food.."PEANUTS"
then those hunters will hide into the bushes and wait..

so after a while, here comes a monkey...
hopping happily to the log where the peanuts are..
stopped and started to sniff....*Sniffing*
The monkey realised there's PEANUTS in the log...
It looked left and right to check if anyone is around him...
He put ihis hand in to reach the peanuts and grabbed a hand full of peanuts and try to pull it out..
when the monkey got a hand full of peanut, he realised that he cant pull his hands out..
he is STUCKED!!
he started to panic and make noise..(maybe asking for help)
The hunters heard the monkey and walk to the large big log slowly and happily
it's like when someone win in a competition and feeling proud...*feeling like floating in the air*

When the monkey saw the hunters were approaching, he became more panic and try the hardest he can to pull his hand out from the hole, but he can't..
In the end, of course the monkey got caught.

The silly monkey forgot something when he got the hand full of PEANUTS.
He didn't realise that when he is grabbing a full hands of peanuts, his palm become bigger...(like how you show ROCK when you play "scissors paper rock"
If the silly monkey realised that and LET GO of the peanuts, he can escape and didn't get caught.

Sometimes in life, we should learn to let go of something.
even though it is your favourite thing, your dream, your car, person, or peanuts (maybe).
you'll have to let them go.. so you can proceed your life..
If not you'll get trap like the silly monkey.

They say, if you love something, let it go
Of it comes back, it's yours and that's how you know
It's for keep, YEAH, it's for sure
and you'll ready and willing to give it more than......
-Christina Aguilera- sings that.^^

Sometimes it is also how God way to show you His way.
to let you realise something that you didn't even know..
let you wanted to hold on Him more than ever.
i hope this sharing will encourage people that are still holding on something..
release the "PEANUTS" before the HUNTERS come and that time, it'll be too late.

God bless everyone!!

When you were little, and you thought you were the center of everything that happened in your life, there was a pride in your heart. You were brave, you thought you've known everything. When you saw a beautiful vase on the edge of a table, you were captivated. Your parents had warned you about this vase, but you could hardly remember and anyway, you were too little to remember.

You thought, you had to hold that vase, you wanted to play with it, and you were pretty sure you could handle it. So you started to walked with your little feet and since no one was around, you got your confidence. The closer you got to the vase, the more excited you became. And boy, were you happy to feel the cold ceramic feeling of the vase. You giggled and started to touch the vase with both of your little tiny hands. It felt good and new and funny to you so you kept touching, each touch made your smile grew wider.

Soon enough you knew you had to bring the whole vase down so you could hug it, rolled it on the floor, played it with your teddy bear. So you held the vase and pulled the vase off the table, slowly. It's gonna be tough and you knew it, but somehow you kept pulling anyway. You were still laughing half way through, until the vase lost it balance and it was too heavy for you and it shattered right in front of you.

You were overwhelmed by the thundering sound of the broken vase. You were perplexed by the view in front of you, and then you started to realize what had happened. Your vase had gone. You had nothing to be rolled on the floor, or to be played with your teddy. What was so beautiful then had been a chaos in front of you. You moved a little in the hope of good things to happen. Maybe if you moved, you could be happier, you didn't know what to do, so you just walked blindly. Little did you know, the broken vase had shattered and turned into many sharp parts. And you stumped on one of them.

A first hint of pain felt through your right foot. You looked down and saw red water leaked through your toes. You sobbed, but no one heard you. So you cried harder, and still when no one came to save you, you screamed, you wanted help, you regretted all the things you did, you wished the vase was not broken, but you didn't know how so you just cried and cried. Your mom heard you, she rushed to where you were and found you with blood.

She exhaled and came close to you in panic. Between scolds and worried, you cried louder, both because of the pain and because you knew you had done something wrong. You didn't understand what she was yelling or mumbling, but you knew the tone were not friendly. You were really sad because one way or another, you knew she was upset, but she moved you away from the vase, even though you had been struggling to take any part of the vase that you could hold on to.

But she took the sharp part of the vase from your foot and took care of your wound. Your cheeks were red and your eyes were swollen. You couldn't hold your sobs. She left you for a moment and cleaned up the vase. She took it all and threw away the vase. You knew it. You screamed and cried again. She came back to you and hold you tight, whispering some calming words, and said something like, 'I told you not to go near the vase, honey!' and another 'ssh' while panting your head.

You still cried because of the sadness. You didn't know what she was talking about because you were too little to understand. All you knew was, the vase should not had been broken, your foot should not had been wounded, and you should had been happy. She kept calming you. She knew one day you'd understand that it was the right thing to do to throw the vase, to kept you away from the vase. And sure enough, You do understand better now. You wonder how you could have been so stupid to think you could handle a vase that big. And you thanked your mother to help you when you screwed. You look at your foot now and there it is, between your toes, a light scar from the sharp-part of the vase that cut you. You smile. You love that scar, because it brings a memory from your childhood. You touch it, but it doesn't hurt anymore. You've learned your lesson because ever since you got that cut, you were so careful in handling vases.

I believe you guys can learn something from my story above. Sometimes in life, we did irrational, childish things. We thought we knew something, or someone, but we didn't. We ignored our friends' advices, parents' warnings, and even God's signs that tell us not to keep going. Instead we made ourselves believe that those advices and warnings are wrong. We denied God's signs and made up our own signs of approval from God. Then things started to go wrong. We started to realize we were wrong, and they were right. We were left heartbroken, sad, and wounded. But God, as our friends and family did not and will not leave us. They were right there with us, giving us their best support.

And that's how you learn the hard way.

Why am I telling you this boring, usual, nothing-new-to-learn event?

Because I broke my vase. And it really hurts. Only it's not my toes that wounded, but my heart. And I don't want the same thing happen to you. So listen to His voices. Sometimes He uses your friends and family to warn you, to save you from a broken heart. So the vase didn't have to be broken. And your toes wouldn't have to get cut.
People goes into different stages of life since they were born until they died..
Many of my friends are stepping into the reality work life and facing the real world.
A few days ago i heard one of my best friend told me that he decided to step into the next level of his life, the work in the world!!
so i would like to share the "survival kits in life"
that i got it from my college devotions.

The survival kits in life contains:

A piece of puzzle,
Do you remember how to fixed a puzzles?
Everyone is a piece of puzzles that belong to a BIG PICTURE. And not everyone knows what the big picture is and where they(little piece of puzzle) are suppose to be placed.
When people are fixing a puzzle, they always starts with the edges.
Some people are like the edges, they know where they will be going and they will stick with they are doing.
Then they comes to the middle parts of the puzzles, they keep on trying by turning the puzzle pieces around and try to fit with each other. Sometimes in life you just need to turn around to find the place for you until one day you find your position and you'll see the big picture.

Paper Clip,
Paper clip is the connection. In life  you need to have connection with people, families, work mates and other and keep the relationships together. It's like how the paper clip keeps the paper all together.

Rubber Band,
In life, be like a rubber band. You need to STRETCH yourself!! Be flexible, make changes and don't stay constant (the comfort zone),you have to twisted yourself and make different interesting shapes in life.
When you think you have did the BEST, don't stop yet...because you can always stretch a little more.
At the same time, rubber band hold things together too.

Look into things that you want to highlight in life. Highlight the things that you can do that you want to remember, recall and show up yourself to people. Work hard on it and make it shine. Shows that you are special among the rest of the black and white words around you.

Pin (clothe pin)
People always uses the pin to hangs clothes on the rack so they can dry their clothes under the hot sun. It tells us to hang on whatever you are or will be doing and don give up. Like the pin stays under the sun even thought it is hot. At the end of the day, things will change and it will turn up to be better. You will learn not to quit easily.

Sweets. See the sweetness of things and look for things that you want to enjoy. Don't do something that your parents want you to do, or your friends said :"it is a good way". Listen to yourself and do what you want and enjoy.

Be creative, think and draw OUTSIDE the LINE...Don't just stay in the brackets. Look into different perspective and make you life colorful!!

The Holy Bible.
This is the most important one among all those stationaries. It is the MANUAL of life. It's your guidance to fight all the evils out there....You'll be like a lost sheep among all the wolves but bare no fears, as the bible says The Lord is your shepherd and He will give you EVERYTHING you need and you will live in the house of the Lord forever. (Psalm 23)
He will show you the way.

Hope this helps you all. thanks..

hello everyone,
i just listened to a marriage conference by Joseph Prince  ( famous preacher in Singapore)
it's very sad that there are not a lot of virgins in the world before they get married.
On the other side, the world are always promoting SEX ...
telling them that sex are good... it  makes you get close to each other...
but u know what?? God created sex for human. They are VERY good IF u have them after u are married.
To fellow Girls, dont let the boys to open the present before Christmas!!
Dont allow them to 'see' you before you belong to them.
Dont you think it will be more excited if you got something extra for your marriage??*best marriage gift ever*

anyway, let me tell you a story.*true story*
there's a girl is USA, a virgin, and her friends are always pressuring her and trying to persuade her to have sex...
one day, she gets angry and tell her friends, "you know what? For me to become like you all, i only need ONE night, but for you all to become like me.....NEVER!!"

so virgin people, learn from that girl!!^^

to know more...go

spend some time and learn more and have a better life.
GBu all

hello everyone, spend a previous days finishing off my project...
finally i can blog...
i heard a really interesting story about a pig and a cow yesterday while i am sewing...

In Indonesia, they call cow "sapi"??
And one day, a pig walk around in the farm and saw the cow,

he said, ' PI...PI...i am VERY ANGRY!!'
cow said, 'why? what happened?'
pig said , ' you know, i sacrifice EVERY single part of my body for human being, they love my fats, bone, legs, even my skin they used to make crackers. Why they like to use my name to scold people?? like BABI lu, CINA BABI....... Why dont they scold SAPI lu.CINA LEMBU!...?

the cow thinks for a moment and *ting*
she figure out something

and she said, ' i know why!!
you give them what you have when you died, not when you are alive.
It's like you HAVE TO give them and you have no other choice.
Not like me, I give them milk when i'm alive and i feel good giving them what they want.'

-The End-

Do you know about GIVING???
what came up in your mind??
when we talk about giving, that's not all about $$
it can be support, time, love, effort, sacrifices...........
and many  more...


Let start GIVING with a free heart,
before it's too late,
don't wait until it's too late,
when we HAVE to give,
then we are forced to give.